Are you looking for a way to spend your next vacation? There’s many options but one of the top ones is a recreational vehicle (RV). Here are some of the top benefits you can enjoy rolling your transport and accommodation into one:


Another major benefit of RV vacations is you’ll have more options. For example, you can have a chance to get away from your hectic daily schedule. You can also go wherever you want and whenever you want. It’s also easy to shorten/extend your stay at any destination. You can even change your destination at the 11th hour when you need to, which is another plus.

Meanwhile, a traditional vacation provides a lot less flexibility. For example, various hotels/motels have different policies about changing/cancelling your reservation. In some cases you might be unable to take that step within X hours before your scheduled stay at the accommodation. This reduces the amount of flexibility you have since it will be much tougher to tweak your itinerary when you need to. Besides less flexibility it can also result in having to pay extra costs.

Great Outdoors

An RV gives you a first-hand view of all the scenery around you. This is especially true when your RV is traveling through rural areas where there’s lots of trees, flowers, etc. There’s all sorts of different landscapes you can see including fields, mountains, forests, beaches, and so on. If you live in the city or suburb there’s few chances to see these kinds of areas so it’s a plus there’s a chance you can view them while vacationing in an RV.

Then when you get to your destination you can enjoy the fresh air and activities like fishing, canoeing, bicycling, swimming, fishing, and hiking. This gives you the chance to “get back to nature” and can provide tons of benefits for your physical and mental health.


Another major benefit of RV parks is it’s a great place to make new friends. There are often events like entertainment and social. These are events you can meet and chat with other campers. This is a great experience since modern life has become much less social since we spend so much time looking at PC displays and smartphone screens.

If you stay at a hotel there’s much less of a chance to socialize. You might meet some people in the hotel restaurant, for example, but it’s not quite the same as game night at an RV park.


RV trips require higher gas costs but the money your family can save on other expenses can help to cover those expenses. In the case you don’t own an RV it’s important to factor in the rental costs. Still, even after factoring in this big cost an RV vacation can still be up to about 80% cheaper than traditional travel.

How is this possible? The main expense you’d be saving on is the sky-high costs of accommodations like hotels or motels. In 2017 the average cost of a hotel stay in the US is about $128. So in the case you have a big family the costs would be exponentially high since you’d need multiple rooms. Sure, the costs can differ based on the perks you get but you’ll likely want to avoid a roach motel when you’re on vacation with your family.

How about the costs of RV parks? The In 2015 the average costs ranged from $25 to $40, which are much lower than a hotel. Another option to save even more money is to park your RV at a Wal-Mart or road-side rest area. Both of these options are free so it’s another way you can save tons of money.

Meals are another way you can save money by traveling in an RV. You can bring your kitchen with you wherever you travel so it’s a great way to reduce food costs. It’s even possible to feed for family for $150 a week. Meanwhile, restaurant/diner meals could cost $100 per day for three meals. You could splurge for one dinner at a restaurant during your vacation and still save a small fortune on food costs.


Another key benefit of RV vacation is it gives you a chance to spend a lot of quality time with your friends and family. In the hustle and bustle of modern life it’s often tougher than in past decades to spend time together on outings, meals, etc.

An RV vacation can be a great time for you and your family to spend time together doing activities you like. You can spend time on the road remembering the past or simply catching up about what’s happening in your lives. There are other opportunities for this sharing like when you’re sitting around the campfire at the RV park.


This is definitely something you’ll want to experience while taking a vacation. Modern life can be tough. On one hand things like mobile devices and smart homes have made life easier. However, sometimes they can also make life more complex and stressful.

One great benefit of an RV vacation is it’s a car, hotel, and restaurant rolled into one. You can pack as much stuff as you want since there’re no limits on luggage. This allows you to bring extras like sports equipment and board games. The majority of motor homes also include entertainment systems so you can enjoy many of the amenities you have at home like TVs, video games, etc. Another plus is an RV provides 24/7 convenience so you won’t have to worry about making extra stops while you’re on the road.


If you want to go offline during your vacation then an RV is a great option. It gives you a chance to take a break from your email and Facebook/Twitter accounts, and lets you enjoy the Great Outdoors and interacting with people in the real world. You should consider bringing one mobile device for emergencies but don’t let the gadget become a distraction.