The Spanish colony has much more to visit than just the sunshine, theme parks, orange juice, and alligators. There are many diverse destinations in Florida. It is challenging to decide your next getaway. There is a long list of attraction and natural beauty, and you have a lot to explore, and you never get tired of the sunshine.


The following are some of the destinations you need to visit if you go to Florida:

South Beach, Miami, Florida:

It is popularly known as So-Be, and the beach has something for all ages and groups, from lounges to dance nightclubs, the beach is filled with fun events. The beach has a beautiful scene, and it is the best place for nightlife. There are many clubs and bars which operate till dawn. So-Be knows how to entertain its tourist in the night time and knows how to behave like a grown up during the day.
You also get to experience many enriching cultural activities including the New World Symphony, Holocaust Memorial of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Miami City Ballet, and Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Everglades National Park, Florida:

Everglades National Park must be on the top in your list. It is an adventure filled trip, and you get to go for hiking, bird watching, camping, tram tours, etc. It is the best place for wildlife sightings. Florida Everglades has a brilliant ecosystem, and it is a top tourist attraction. You will be able to see animals like Alligators, crocodiles, falcons, turtles, and even panthers in its natural habitat.

Key West/ Florida Keys, Florida:

When you visit Key West, make sure that you visit the coral reef system. The Great Florida Reef is an excellent place for snorkelling, diving, and deep-sea fishing is favourite area adventures. There are also human-made reefs which offer diving for few miles off the shore.

Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida:

The Orlando’s Universal Studios is a perfect place for any age group to hang out. If you go as a family, your kids will love the trip. Try to book as early as possible for lower ticket prices. There are many amusement parks in Florida, but Universal Studios are one of the best among them.

Sanibel Island, Florida:

If you happen to be a shell collector, then no other place for you will be better than the Sanibel Island. Many people come to the Island to collect shells, and they have even kept a nickname for the act of bending down for a shell. There is an annual three-day exhibit, and the festival usually happens in March.

Amelia Island, Florida:

The Island provides plenty of adventure. It is filled with activities like snorkelling, Scallop digging, and horseback riding. You will be able to see dolphins and if you are lucky enough you will be able to see white whales.